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Infectious Diseases


​Most students at some stage suffer from various Infectious Diseases such as Chicken Pox, School Sores, Measles etc.

Children who contract an infectious disease, or who come into contact with another infected child or adult, should remain away from school to limit the spread of the infection.

Education Queensland has an exclusion policy for many infections. The table below is just some of the conditions and their exclusion details, the full recommended minimum periods of exclusion from school for cases of and contact with infectious diseases are outlined in the Time Out Poster 


Chicken Pox
​Exclude until fully recovered or for at least five (5) days after the eruption first appears. Note that some remaining scabs are not a reason for continued exclusion.
Exclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.
Diarrhoea and or Vomiting
Exclude until diarrhoea/vomiting has ceased for 24 hours
Glandular Fever
Exclusion is not necessary.
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Exclude until all blisters have dried.
Impetigo (School sores)
Exclude until appropriate treatment has commenced.  Sores on exposed surfaces must be covered with a watertight dressing.
Exclude four days from rash onset.  Written medical clearance from doctor or the Public Health Unit is required to return of child to school.
Meningococcal Infection
Exclude until effective antibiotics completed
Exclude for nine days or until swelling goes down.
Ringworm, scabies, pediculosis (lice), trachoma Re-admit the day after appropriate treatment has commenced.
Salmonella Exclude until diarrhoea has ceased
Exclude until antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours
Whooping Cough
Exclude for five days after starting antibiotic treatment


Feel free to contact the school for clarification or more information regarding exclusion due to infectious diseases.